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Title : PSY : Health and Diseases, HIV Prevention Plan

Instructions :

You will be creating an HIV prevention plan. This plan will focus on how to reduce new HIV infections among heterosexuals, homosexuals, IV drug users, infants/children, or adolescents in a culture of your choice. How you go about this is up to you, but it is important to use the research when formulating your plan. Any variables you select should be backed up by research. In 1,000-1,500 words, do the following: Choose a culture. Gain approval for the culture with your instructor before you begin this assignment. Describe the characteristics of the culture for which you are planning a prevention program. What is their background? Historically do they have a positive or a negative relationship with health care/prevention? Why is it important to implement a prevention program for this culture? Why do you think this is an important culture to apply a prevention program to (risk factors/current rates of HIV)? Describe several facets of your plan. What variables (e.g., education) will you choose to focus on and why (make sure your why connects directly to the background of your culture)? You should use research to support the variables chosen for your plan. Using research and psychological principles to support your plan, discuss how you would make this plan successful in your chosen culture. Include information on how you would positively affect variables to promote success. Discuss how you would implement such a plan logistically (Who specifically would you target for your plan and why? Where your plan would be based? How would your plan be different from those that are currently out there? Do you anticipate any obstacles? How do you plan to overcome them?). Your plan should be written in paragraph form (not in bullet points), but an

Description :

The culture which has been chosen is the African American culture, and how to develop a plan to address the prevalence and impact of HIV/AIDS infection rates. There is a need to try and have a background on some of the traits which have shaped the culture over time. An example has been given is the white supremacy rally that turned chaotic in Charlottesville, because it amplifies what has been accepted by the African Americans; the racial hatred that has always placed African Americans at a disadvantageous position. It implies that “many black Americans do not trust their healthcare providers to act in their best interests” (Giger et al., 2012) and statistical findings have backed this.