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Title : PSY - 452 - 0101 Experimental Psychology Topic 2 Quiz

Instructions :

Complete Quiz 2, which is made up of multiple-choice questions. To study for this quiz, review the Topic 2 textbook readings and the lecture. The quiz can be taken at any time during Topic 2, but it must be completed by the end of Topic 2.

Description :

Complete Quiz 2, which is made up of multiple-choice questions. Topic 2 Quiz 1. Which of these is an example of retrospective data? Academic transcript Checkbook entries Memories of your first date Wedding photo album 2. Test builders often vary the letter used for correct answers throughout a multiple-choice test to control for the response style known as: Nay-saying Position preference Willingness to answer Yea-saying 3. A social psychologist who observes aggressive behavior between siblings through a one-way mirror is using: Content analysis Deviant case analysis Naturalistic observation Participant observation 4. One way to control for response style when designing a questionnaire with yes/no items is to: Construct items with comparable social desirability Discard all yes responses for yea-sayers and all no responses for naysayers Emphasize the manifest content of the questions in the instructions Phrase questions so that a high score requires both yes and no answers 5. William James used the __________ approach to explore topics such as subjects' mystical and religious experiences. Case study Experimental Field study Phenomenological 6. To increase sampling precision, researchers may randomly sample from subjects in each subgroup in the same proportions that exist in the population. This technique is called: Cluster sampling Quota sampling Simple random sampling Stratified random sampling 7. Sarnoff Mednick used __________ to discover that schizophrenic and normal children differ in the activity of their autonomic nervous systems. Correlational studies Deviant case analysis Field studies Laboratory experiments 8. Which nonexperimental method is typically low in the degree of manipulation of antecedent conditions and low in imposition of units? Case studies Correlational studies Field studies Laboratory experiments 9. What is the main problem with the following survey question? "Do you believe that doctors should be allowed to kill unborn babies during the first trimester of pregnancy?" The question cannot yield quantitative data The question is low in imposition of units The question is too ambiguous The question is value-laden 10. Low return rates of surveys may be due to __________ when questionnaires deal with sensitive issues like illegal drug use and sexual practices. Demand characteristics Position preference Nay-saying Social desirability