Incident Scenario GIST Reference Number: INV/GIST/03/2016 You are a member of the Government Investigative Service Team (GIST) which is tasked with carrying out a range of investigations on behalf of the Qld Government, including the Department of Education and Training. You have been tasked with carrying out a disciplinary investigation under the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005 (Qld). Please note:The initial decision by your supervisor is that this will not be a criminal investigation under the Criminal Code (Qld). On 10 May 2016 your office received a complaint from Ms Debra Ford, the administration clerk at Kangaroo Paw Primary School, Gympie, Qld. Ms Ford alleged that the school principal, Mr Robert Holden, misused the corporate MasterCard debit card issued to him by his employer, the Minister for Education, Queensland Government. The card was issued to Mr Holden to be used for official purposes associated with his duties. It is alleged that Mr Holden made three (3) unauthorised transactions, with a total value of $274.73, to which he was not entitled or authorised. Ms Ford stated that on 14 March 2016, in her capacity as the Administration Clerk, she conducted a reconciliation of the corporate MasterCard debit card issued to Mr Holden. During the reconciliation Ms Ford identified that three suspicious transactions were made during the period 15 January 2016 – 01 March 2015. Ms Ford reported the following three suspicious transactions: 15 January 2016: Woolworths Gympie – Grocery purchase of meat and soft drinks, with a total value of $100.73. 14 February 2016: Love Blossoms Flower Shop Gympie – One dozen red roses, valued at $115.00 29 February 2016: Noosa Bubs – A set of cot sheets, valued at $59.90. During an initial inquiry conducted by Ms Debra Ford, she spoke to Mr Deacon James, the Woolworths Gympie store manager. As part of that conversation Mr James provided Debra with information regarding the use of the Master card at his store and stated that he had CCTV footage available of the alleged transaction. Mr James stated to Debra that he served Mr Holden when he came into the store. Mr James stated he knows what Mr Holden looks like, as his children go to the primary school where Mr Holden is principal. Mr Holden did not declare the unauthorised transactions and has made no attempt to repay the outstanding debit of $274.73. On 10 March 2016 Ms Ford telephoned Mr Holden and during a brief conversation he stated that he had not made any unauthorised transactions. Mr Holden has not been approached by any other person in relation to this matter. Kangaroo Paw Primary School has an official Corporate Credit Card Policy in place. This policy is located in the Toolbox. Assessment Instructions: You are required to answer the following fifteen (15) short answer questions about the investigation planning process. Maximum number of words for this assessment is 1500 words. Q1. Outline why an investigation management system is important to the overall success of an investigation. Q2. Discuss the purpose of an investigation plan and provide three (3) reasons why planning an investigation is essential? Q3. Using no more than fifty (50) words, write a short scope of the investigation for the above scenario. Q4. Identify and discuss three (3) risks to an investigation that should be considered during the planning phase and how you mitigate those risks. Q5. Identify the three (3) most likely sources of information for your investigation. Q6. Briefly explain the two sources of investigation case management and their importance to the planning process. Q7. Identify and explain three (3) planning considerations during the initiation of the investigation. Q8. Discuss the evidentiary matters that need to be considered when planning an investigation where physical exhibits need to be seized. In your answer ensure you also discuss the following: The three types of evidence; The rules of evidence; and The storage and continuity of seized evidence. Q9. Discuss what is meant by the term ‘critical decisions’ and their importance to investigation planning. Q10. Identify and discuss the relevant sections of the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005 (Qld) regarding your powers that you might need to consider during your investigation. Q11. Discuss how you might deal with any cultural or diversity issues that arise during your investigation. Q12. Discuss any confidentiality and privacy issues relating to your investigation and how you would ensure you are compliant. Q13. Outline how you would conduct your investigation in an ethical manner. Ensure you include any relevant legislation & information required to be given to responsible parties concerning the nature of the investigation. Q14. Discuss any organisational policies and procedures which may direct your investigation. Q15. Draft an email to your supervisor requesting approval to commence your investigation. Ensure you thoroughly explain to your supervisor your reasons for the request. View Less >>
Q1. Outline why an investigation management system is important to the overall success of an investigation. Answer: It has been the fact that a successful management for an investigation involves planning, control, motivation as well as organization. Adoption of the management system in result helps the investigation evaluation as well as developing and testing of case theory. It also helps the investigator to briefly understand the material or document need to be gathered for processing of investigation. Get solution

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