My Individual Assignment A published Journal Article is provided together with the assignment. 1. Appraise critically and fully cover the understanding of the attached article in 1300 words approximately. 2. In the light of the Journal Article, discuss “strategies to the command (ability)” to build an internal capacity of values to successfully reform culture when an organization needs it and when it stands a slim chance to survive an external rapid change. Precise the type of management model to adopt that can cope with such a situation and why? (You can rely on discussions of other Authors’ publications worldwide and have them cited) (Not part of 1500 Words). N.B. – Appraise: Estimate or determine the nature, value, quality, ability, extent, or significance of View Less >>
Summary In the article “Building a Winning Organizational culture”, the author Richard Barrett draws reader’s focus and attention towards significance of organizational culture in driving a firm’s operative and business performance. The term “organizational culture” refers to a system of shared values, opinions, beliefs and assumptions governing staffs and employees behavior in an organization. Get solution

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