Impeccable Pathology Assignment help

Impeccable Pathology Assignment help

What is Pathology?

Pathology is a branch of science that specializes in studying the organs, tissues and bodily fluids of living things to correctly diagnose diseases. Pathology is concerned with studying diseases (both cancers and infections). These are studied at the genetic, molecular, cellular all the way to the organ levels.

Impeccable Pathology Assignment help

Impeccable Pathology Assignment help

Pathology is also involved with studying nature and the different sources of diseases. Pathology assists in medicine through diagnostic testing and closely monitoring diseases. Pathologists often carry out current genetic researches, diagnostic studies and technologies for blood transfusion so as to assist in the different treatment procedures used by doctors.

Pathology is concerned with finding out how and why diseases develop, how the disease will develop in the near future and what are the likely complications to occur within a given period of time.

Pathology assists in diagnosing of diseases and offers advice on the treatment of patients as well as disease prevention. Pathologists have also helped doctors to develop vaccines as well as in the treatment of hereditary conditions.

Pathology involves a lot of research. This is because for sufficient understanding of diseases, best prevention and treatment measures need to be developed.  Patients are able to know if they are pregnant, anemic, diabetic or if they have cancer through the diagnostic skills of pathologists.

Pathology is an important subject for undergraduate students studying medicine. Often, pathology involves studying the processes of infections, healing of wounds and cancer. Pathology students are required to be able to identify difference in samples being examined. For instance, they should be able to spot abnormalities between cells, tissues and organs being examined. In addition, pathology students are taught the various devices used to carry out pathological tests.

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Branches of Pathology in Pathology Assignment Help

Currently, pathology is divided into the following branches:

Clinical Pathology – this is the branch of pathology involved with analyzing body fluids and tissues of the body in the laboratory in order to diagnose diseases. Such fluids are the urine, blood and cerebrospinal fluid. Sub branches of clinical pathology include:

  • Immunology – immunology is the study of disorders of the immune system. Examples of such disorders are allergies, organ-transplant rejection and immunodeficiency. The immune system provides defense for our bodies from infectious diseases by protecting our bodies.
  • Hematology – this the branch of clinical pathology concerned with investigating and diagnosing blood diseases. Health problems affecting blood vessels, white blood cells, platelets, red blood cells and the spleen are identified through hematology.
  • Chemical pathology – this is the branch of clinical pathology also referred to as clinical chemistry. Chemical pathology assesses components present in the blood and urine.

Molecular Pathology – molecular pathology involves studying diseases at their molecule level.  Molecular pathology is commonly used in the diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases and cancer. Clinical pathology, biochemistry, genetics, anatomical pathology and molecular biology are all combined in molecular pathology.

Anatomical Pathology – this is one of the major branches of pathology that focuses on examining specimens surgically obtained from the body or examining the whole body to diagnose diseases. Anatomical pathology is further subdivided into:

  • Histopathology – histopathology is the observation of appropriately stained cells under the microscope.
  • Surgical pathology – surgical pathology deals with studying specimens that are obtained in surgery for diagnosis of diseases. Such specimens are breast lumps obtained during mastectomy for biopsy.
  • Dermatopathology – dermatopathology involves studying diseases that affect the skin. It is in dermatopathology that skin diseases involving immunologic and communicable diseases are diagnosed and monitored.
  • Forensic pathology – forensic pathology involves studying post mortem to find out the real cause of death. This is done through the process of autopsy.
  • Cytopathology – this involves examining each cell released from body fluids so as to point out what is causing disease.

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Impeccable Pathology Assignment help

Impeccable Pathology Assignment help

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