The topic chosen for the research review comes from the tutorial on Movement: “What is the ideomotor effect, and how could it account for “facilitated communication?” To complete this assessment you should write a review of the current state of the literature on this topic. You should read the available research on the topic and then present an organized answer to the question. View Less >>
The term ‘ideomotor’ is primarily derived from the word ideo meaning mental representation or idea, and the word motor meaning muscular action. This concept is widely prevalent in psychological research and hypnosis. The term ideomotor effect is used to explain a muscular reaction or reflex triggered by a mental memory of an incident or event. The ideomotor effect is often performed on a miniscule level and without the conscious awareness of the subject or individual. This particular phenomenon has often been attributed to certain actions such as facilitated communication which may be considered as a discredited technique, which is used to motivate and assist individuals with severe disabilities related to education and communication. Get solution

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