The study focuses on the hospitality sector in relation to the importance of HRM and the challenges facing in today’s date. The different articles have explained the strategic Human Resource Management which is incorporated in the hotels and the retention and selection policies used in the hospitality sector. The hospitality sector which includes lodging, event planning, transportation, traveling has increased, and the demands of restaurant and hotels have helped different countries to increase the GDP. View Less >>
Paragraph 1.  The growing literature on strategic Human Resource Management in the competitive advantage has helped in the excellent service of the hotel industry. This indirectly has increased the core competencies in the hospitality sector and the values within the organisation. Purpose of the study: The primary motive of the research is to explore the evidence of the hybrid version of SHRM approaches with the study in the International Hotel industry. The strategic goals and objective of the planning process have helped to link the motive of the staffs and the day to day operation within the hotels. SHRM activities operations only four subsection and undergraduate personal psychology which are selection, training, appraisal and pay.  Research methodology: To understand the importance of human resource planning and selection procedure with strategic management different service were conducted and also question all is well formed to the Employees. Around 25 questions were formed and were distributed to 80 hotels. In each hotel, 15 managers were interviewed to understand the challenges and the positive side of the human resource management.Outcome: The study help investigated the evidence of mixed adoption contingency and resource-based view. Out of 80 hotels, 68 Hotel responded by answering all the questions and has given 70% with a good rating to the human resources department however many hotels have focused on the challenges of the SHRM. In context to the response, few solutions like understanding about the employee’s concern, the job satisfaction and the number of hours the employee’s work can help to reduce few challenges. Top management commitment and support should be there, and HRM plans and policies should be supportive to the management as well as to the Employees  Paragraph 2. Critical review: According to the survey and interview there are many positive feedbacks however many of the managers as well as employees have given negative feedback and dissatisfaction about the HRM in the particular hotels. The qualitative interview data has focused on the primary challenges, employees’ satisfaction and low service standards. The observation from the interview is quite a trajectory, and the change appears to be occurring at a rapid pace.   Get solution

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