Task for this assignment: It is required that you produce a paper of between 1600 and 1800 words (including the abstract but excluding the reference list). Papers of greater than 2300 words will NOT be marked. You will be expected to have researched this topic and have a number of references to show that you have explored the literature. A paper that is just a list of unsubstantiated opinions will not be accepted – this is a research and writing task. Examples of the format of the paper can be in the unit materials. Question. How can Business Analytics be used in Information Warfare? Remember that this is a paper about information warfare, not information security. Whilst some aspects of information security may be present, it is not the main topic. View Less >>
Information warfare is not a new term for the countries. These days many people are aware of information warfare as it is now very famous in many countries. Information warfare is basically an American concept that uses the information technology in the wars. It is mainly established in the U.S. based defense. In simple terms Warfare means the involvement in the activity of the war. Due to the worldwide explosion of information technology, including telecommunication, computing and network is mainly change the way of conducting the business, education government and many more other things then it also change the way of fight with the countries Get solution

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