With reference to the concepts and theory learned, students are required to draw a service blueprint of the service process that they have consumed recently and write a report on service experience improvement based on their analysis of service process. The blue print and report will be based on student experience and research: 1)Service Blueprint Requirements: ‘Consider a hospitality and tourism service that you have consumed recently. Draw a service blueprint that describes the services process involved at each step. Identify fail points, process time, and activity time etc, in service delivery and document it in your analysis. 2)Report Requirements: Write a report analyzing each step of the service process and making a series of recommendations for service experience improvement. View Less >>
The given assignment is about the operational challenges and customer dimensions of the Belmont Herane Hotel. The hotel industry is the need of every people while staying out of home.Changing customers’ needs and improved services is very crucial for its immense success. In this paper, it will also explain the challenges faced by the operation management along with the key factors to satisfy the potential and prospective customers. Get solution

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