This article provides an overview of different HIV diagnostic tests, describing how they work and the advantages and limitations of the various tests. This article also briefly reviews the structure and genetic diversity of HIV, the mechanism the virus uses to infect host cells and the different phases of HIV infection. This information is included to facilitate understanding of how HIV diagnostic tests work and what molecular markers these tests use to pinpoint an HIV infection. Keywords: HIV infection; HIV diagnostic test; Serology; Nucleic acid assay; Detuned assay View Less >>
There are more than 40 million people in the world affected by HIV. There are several methods available for the diagnosis of HIV virus; an idea diagnostic procedure should have appropriate serological reactions, less window time (i.e. the time taken for diagnosis from the time of infection) and should be able to identify HIV subtypes.All HIV diagnostic tests are based upon detection of one or more of the molecules that make up an HIV virus particle or detection of the antibodies that human hosts make against HIV particles. Get solution

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