What are the benefits and drawbacks of the OnQ system at Hilton? What does Hilton have to do to create a competitive advantage through OnQ? Provide some specific examples. Is it possible to have too much information about a customer? Explain. And Find the attached file. View Less >>
Hilton happens to be a popular hotel with a strong brand and goodwill. The recent analysis of Hilton by Accenture shows a decrease in customer satisfaction due to poor service. As the customer base and customer satisfaction are crucial elements in any service sector including the hotel business, it becomes important to implement CRM in Hilton so that customer relations can be better managed and better levels of service as well as customer satisfaction can be achieved (Rust & Huang, 2012). The given case explains the implementation of an extensive CRM system in Hilton and the various benefits that it has provided to the hotel. It has been possible to obtain better levels of customer satisfaction in Hilton by ensuring that the problems of the customers are effectively taken care of and resolved. In this way the CRM system has helped them understand the customer and his needs better. The case presents a situation where in Hilton has installed an extensive CRM system and now requires working towards using it effectively (Nissan et al, 2011). As there is a significant shift in consumer trends and consumers become increasingly demanding, it has become important for Hilton to ensure that CRM technologies are effectively utilized so that competency and competitive advantage is gained. It is also crucial that there be appropriate levels of balance maintained in the cost and compatibility as well as the utility and enhancement of the technologies used in Hilton. Get solution

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