Condition – Definition, Causes, History, Observation, Palpation, Testing, Special test (2 to confirm, 2 to differentiate), Contraindications, Treatment Goals (Stage), Hydrotherapy, Self Care, Need to do 2 write up the assignment on Herniated Nucleus PulposusInflare and Outflare of innomiatesFor these write up only resources used are : Lowe-Theory and technique,Lowe-Orthopedic assessment,Riggs-Deep tissue massage,Musculino-Muscular system manual and Musculino-Muscle and bone palpation manual.These write ups don’t have to be very detailed or long they can be brief . View Less >>
Herniated Nucleus Pulposus occurs when soft liquid like the nucleus of an intervertebral disc starts to leak out from the hard disc outer casing. It can result due to natural aging process. During aging, the intervertebral discs lose water content and it becomes more susceptible to dehydration and degeneration. Get solution

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