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In most countries, English is used as the official language. A lot of people speak English every other day without experiencing difficulties. When it comes to English essay writing, some people experience problems. They end up scoring poor grades. Some students speak English as their second language. Writing good essays maybe even more difficult for them.

There are several types of essays. One can quickly get confused about how to write a particular kind of essay, especially when they do not have experience. When writing an essay, you have to have high levels of imagination and creativity.

Since we understand how writing English can be stressful, we have come up with the best help in English essay writing services. Whichever the topic, we will deal with it.

Why should you get help with English essay assignments from us?

Help With English Essay Assignments

Help With English Essay Assignments

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Types of essays we deal with

Our writers have in-depth knowledge of all kinds of essays. Through many years of experience, they provide great essay pieces, which will help you score high grades.

Analytical essay

It focuses on analyzing a particular text. When writing an analytical essay, some students summarize the essay, which is very wrong. They end up scoring poor grades.

Persuasive essays

A persuasive essay aims to make the reader agree with the writer. This type of essay may seem easy to write. Unfortunately, many students lack supporting evidence to back up their opinions. This makes the essay lack adequate convincing. They also start their essays with introductions that do not capture the minds of the readers.

Research essay

In a research essay, a student is given a topic, to conduct research and present it in an essay format. Students get poor grades on this type of essay, as they fail to do the appropriate research. Our writers do their research from reliable sources.

Compare/contrast essays

This type of essay writing aims at highlighting the differences and similarities of two or more items. To bring out a meaningful argument, a student is required to discuss the similarities and differences further.

Expository essay

Expository essays compare and discuss problems. The purpose of an expository essay is to explain a particular concept to a reader.

However, there is a storytelling element in them. When writing such an essay, the text has to be concise and easy to understand.

Argumentative essays

In an argumentative essay, the writer intends to convince the reader about something. They will bring out the validity or falsity of a concept in a text. The writer then backs up their argument, using evidence such as expert opinion and statistics results. If you don’t have enough evidence, no one will buy your argument.

Descriptive essays

Descriptive essays describe different traits of people, objects, events, or feelings in detail. When writing a descriptive essay, involve the reader’s emotions and sensations.

Narrative essays

When writing a narrative essay, the writer gives a story from a certain viewpoint. Narrative essays are written in the first person. The aim is to make the reader feel as if they are right there. Narrative essays must include:

  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Climax

Custom essays

Our writers will write an essay on any given topic. Just provide us with the topic and the guidelines given to you by your instructor. When you get help with English essay assignments writing services from us, you are assured of high grades as we deliver top-quality content.

How to write an essay

Although an essay is a creative piece, there is a particular structure that one should follow when writing one.


The introduction makes the first paragraph of an essay. The writer introduces their topic in this paragraph. It should not be more than six lines. A writer must get creative in this particular part, as it will determine whether the reader will go on reading the essay or not.


The body is the central part of the essay. The body has more than one is crucial that the writer organizes his thoughts in an easy to understand manner. It should be written in a chronological manner.


The conclusion makes the final paragraph of an essay. You can wrap up your piece on this part. Don’t leave anything hanging in conclusion.

Extra tips for writing an essay 

  • Give your title a creative, interesting title. A boring title will not capture the mind of a reader.
  • Let your language be simple. Difficult words tend to break the flow of an essay.
  • Use short sentences. Long sentences will bring boredom to the readers. It is also very easy to make grammatical, and sentence structure mistakes in a long sentence.
  • Proofread your essay carefully. Look for grammatical mistakes, wrong word choice, and punctuation mistakes and rectify them. Mistakes distract the reader when reading content. Errors will also reduce your total scores.
  • Before writing the essay, organize your thoughts. You can write random ideas then use them to craft the final piece. This ensures your views are presented in a continuous flow.

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