Write a report which recommends a programme to control one of: 1) Hepatitis C 2) Schistosomiasis 3) Health problems associated with poor air quality The programme should be considered within the context of a specific country which you can choose.You need to write on 3 rd no topic: health problem associated with poor air quality. View Less >>
Air pollution has become is a major concern in the world due to increasing pace of globalization and, India is no exception hereto this. Pollution caused by burning fuelwood and biomass is one of the most the significant reasons behind air pollution in the Indian region (Lelieveld, et al. 2015). The formation of these gases makes the region pollute the regions and cause global warming in addition to and other serious health issues. As per the statistics, it has been identified that poor quality of air has resulted in several diseases in India, especially in the urban regions due to increased use of automobiles (Lung India, 2015).The current writing is based on the health issues caused due to poor air quality in India. This report identifies various issues health issues and presents statistics concerning the estimation of people dying due to the same. Furthermore, it discusses the current control programmes in India to improve the quality of air and provided further recommendations as strategies and measures to control the same. Get solution

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