Alternative submission method Task back to top Background NewAccess is a mental health intervention which initially targeted youth aged 17 to 25, and is in the process of being expanded to young people as young as 12, and also to Indigenous youth. Headspace is one of several organizations trialling this new system. NewAccess particularly targets depression and anxiety. One of the problems identified was that a young person with a mental illness might see multiple professionals before getting the help they need. Each time they need to re-tell their ‘story’. Soon the young people clam up and say very little, making it harder for professionals to help them. Initially, they might see a Headspace caseworker, then medical staff in a hospital emergency department, perhaps a General Practitioner, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and others. Imagine that you are the analyst tasked with building a system View Less >>
New Access will implement a health information system that outlines how patients’ datais strictly recorded, disseminated and employed by healthcare professionals assisting in capturing stories from depression and anxiety patients in the healthcare facility (Bawo & Lippeveld, 2016).The new system is vital and has a significant outcome on service delivery since it will assist to improve the quality and safety of patient care, help to promote patient participation and create benefits for public health. The system will also address many challenges the healthcare faces throughout their interaction will depression patients. Get solution

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