For this assignment, you will describe, Organize and analyze the strategies to bookan interview with the media of your choosing, prepare for the media event, and handling radioand TV appearances.Provide a brief synopsis of the media you choose and the importance of this one to your market in the Health Care Facility.Booking an Interview: mention and state the media of your choose, the date and time and howyou get the booking.Planning your presentation: mention and state the list of questions that your are going toanswer.Dressing the Part: What you should wear for this interview and why. View Less >>
It is important for an organisation to select effective media that can be helpful for healthcare marketing. Social media has become widely used by the individuals as well as business inorder to stay connected and communicate through several types of market products and services.Several healthcare managers are working effectively use social media in order to involve patients along with customers. Hence, through effective marketing and proper communication techniques, the organisations are able to move away from conventional technique of advertising as well as use the internet for connecting with the customers in healthcare. Present study deals with proper booking and planning media interview in healthcare field. Get solution

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