Harvard Essay Writing Format

Did your professor ask you to use Harvard style of referencing in your assignment? Then, you need to know every fine details regarding Harvard essay writing format. As a student, you are required to know all the intricacies of different writing and referencing styles. However, the styles are many and most students keep confusing one style with the other.

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Harvard Essay Writing Format

Harvard Essay Writing Format

Rules and Regulations in Harvard essay writing format

Everyone agrees that Harvard essay writing format is most detailed style of referencing in the field of academia. Not only that, but it is also the most dynamic style. The following are some of the rules of Harvard style composed by our experts in Harvard essay writing format.

Harvard Essay Writing Format

Harvard Essay Writing Format

In-text citations

In your academic work, you will be required to use work of other authors or generated information from secondary sources such as newspapers, journal and speeches among others. You therefore must acknowledge the owner of the information.

This is what is known as citation. After you cite the work, you immediately acknowledge the owner of the information at the end. In Harvard referencing, you write the name of the authors followed by year of publication. For instance, (Moss, 2018). Some time you will need to cite work with more than one authors. You simply right their names separated by small commas and year of publication. For instance, (Moss, clef, Drucker, 2010)


Bibliography contains all the resources that you used in the body arranged in alphabetical order. However, bibliography is more detailed as you have to add title of the source, city, name of the publisher, and page numbers. It is a must that you mention all the sources that you have used in the body.

General Harvard referencing rules

  • The page title- The page where you put your references for in-text citations must always start with a heading. The heading for Harvard reference page is written as “References”. You should place it at the center of the page. However, note that it should no capitalized.
  • Follow Alphabetical Order- Your sources must follow each other in alphabetical order based on the first letter of the source that you used. This means that you will use the first letter of the surname of author since surnames are first in Harvard referencing. The surname therefore should be arranged in ascending order alphabetically.
  • References Placement- in Harvard referencing, you are required to note that each bibliography entry must begin in a new line. This means that you are not supposed to write the references as blocks or paragraphs. It is also a general rule that spacing between referencing should be double-spaced unless otherwise stated.
  • Capitalization- Harvard referencing requires you to capitalize only the first letters of the book title, book chapters, web articles or other scholarly used documents. Journals and newspapers are exempted from this rule as you are supposed to capitalize all the main words of their titles.

Mostly, students find themselves confusing these rules. Of course, they are complicated. Grasping all the aspects of referencing consumes a lot of time if not boring. The worst thing is that proper referring contributes to proper grades. Therefore, “where can I get Harvard referencing assignment help?” is the most sought after question by students.

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How to cite a book in Harvard referencing

Mostly, students get information from books since they are legitimate source of information. Therefore, our experts offer Harvard referencing help on how to cite a book. Acemywork.com experts will teach you on how to incite a book. Not only that, we will also teach you how to do book Harvard referencing.

Book format with one author

The authors last name, intials, the publication year of the book, the book title: if any subtitle of book, indicate it here, the name of the publisher, city where the book was published, state or the country abbreviation.

For instance:

Patrick, K., 2017. Contemporary moral issues in United States of America: Social, Economic, and Political instabilities. McGraw-Hill Education (US)

How to Cite Electronic Journal Article in Harvard Format

When it comes to online articles, most students have problem knowing how to cite them in Harvard referencing. This is a big challenge since students must use online journal articles in their academic work. Therefore, not knowing how to cite them can come at a cost of good grade even if student had done his research perfectly. This is where acemywork.com comes in to help. We provide ideal guidelines on how to do Harvard referencing for journals. Our experts have given an overview example on how to cite online journal article here below. If you need any clarification, kindly contact us today and you will be guided.

Journal citation format

The author’s last name, initials of other names. (the year when the journal was publicized). The journal article title. title of the journal (make sure that you put this in italics). [Online] indicate the volume number, the page number of the article (when indicating page number, put page number directly and do not indicate p before the page numbers) indicate where the article is available. You put URL or the DOI number.

For instance

Kingsford, P., Christine, W., Hiram, J. & Trizzah, M. (2019). The study of HIV trends in United States of America. Part 1: investigation and experimentation.  Arising issues in medicine. [Online] 16 (20-27), 2043- 4566. Available from: doi: 10.11.1020/j.applthermelang. 2019.06

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