Your task for this assessment is to write an evaluative report of information found in theliterature relating to “employee involvement in service and the guest experience in a hotelcontext”. Specifically, you will synthesise research from the scientific literature and industrypublications and draw conclusions based on your research. In writing this assessment, youare required to follow the Assessment Structure Style Guide of a Business Report.Your textbook Hudson & Hudson (2017) is the best place to start and for this assessment youfirst should review chapters 1- 4. Together with the readings prescribed for topics 1-4.It is our expectation that this scholarly piece of writing will at a minimum, include: A definition of service and guest experience; A historical overview of guest experience and how it has evolved; The importance of employees and empowerment in service; What might be the consequences for a hotel when they do not focus on service andemployees who deliver this service? Concluding with your thoughts (based on research findings) on the importance ofdelivering positive guest experiences in a hotel context.Assessment 2 – Report Technology to enhance Guest Experience (Group)We live in a world, where technology has become an integral part of daily life. In the hotelbusiness, this is a crucial way hotels can differentiate themselves. Hotel businesses have tostay abreast of the latest trends that meets the needs of the digital, social and mobilecustomer; to allow themselves to personalise the experience for guests, and improve servicethrough the guest’s journey.Your task in this assessment is to investigate what international hotel companies are doing tostay ahead of the pack as it relates to technology, with focus on the guest experience. Discussthe various stages of the guest journey from pre arrival to departure, and the varioustechnological touch points and how this impacts the guest service experience; then makerecommendations on how hotels can deliver distinctive customer experience utilizing the latesttechnologies. In writing this assessment, you are required to follow the Assessment StructureStyle Guide of a Business Report.The group project gives you an opportunity to work with a group of your peers and investigate a topic that is ofsignificant importance to the hotel sector. The purpose of this assignment is threefold. First, as a group project itis designed to be a practicum for learning leadership skills including group decision making, conflict resolution,interpersonal communication, and critical analysis. Second, writing is an important skill in any profession and thisis an opportunity for you to hone your writing skills. Finally, this assignment also provides you an opportunity toinvestigate what hotels are doing right now. View Less >>
For the industry which is into providing services to the customer it is very important to considerthe requirement and needs of each customer. Managing hospitality for any entity is a veryresponsible piece of work. It is very important to keep into account each and every need andgrievance of the customer. It is necessary to understand that we need to know the real lifeexperience of the customers by keeping ourselves in there show Simon H, Louise H (2013).Tokeep the demands of the customer intact. It is important to understand that while providing anyservice to the customer it is always suggested to handle each requirement with due care andconcern. We need to understand this by keeping a fact that at the end of the end even we becomea customer and that even we expect to be treated with special services.Hospitality is a very sensitive area of Customer Service. Being a Guest and experiencing theservices is always a pleasure but at the end when we take up the roll of a service provider thenonly we get to understand how much of pressure does a service provider or an executiveundergoes when he has to meet all the needs of the customer at a time. We need to understandthat for any service provider it is crucial to understand that customer satisfaction and customerretention are the major two perspectives for the operations team Janet S, Brenda M, David J(2006). It is believed that media sometime plays a very crucial role in promoting the name of theorganization or the service provider. It is to be considered that while media plays a role at thesame time it is understood that along with media customers also influence a lot in letting theservices be used by majority of the customers. And it is completely dependent on the type ofservice we provide to the customer at the end.It is witnessed that Customer Service started as a manual work where one needs to deliver itsservices to the customers who are in need of the service there was no promotion of the servicesand hence it was a very tedious task to deliver its services from door to door. After theemergence of technology it slowly and gradually started taking over the customer service areaand helped the providers to find the maximum number of customers. Kenneth AG Get solution

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