Grounded Theory in Business Research Online

Grounded Theory in Business Research

The concept of grounded theory was invented by Glaser and Strauss, American sociologists, in 1965.The grounded theory aims at discovering problems a business is facing and how they are being handled by the parties involved. Grounded theory in business research seems to contradict other scientific methods of conducting research. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Grounded Theory in Business Research Online Help

Grounded Theory in Business Research Online Help

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An overview of grounded theory in business research

Steps in grounded theory in business research

Data collection

Data collection is directed by theoretical sampling. Theoretical sampling enables the researcher to choose subjects that have a higher potential to discover maximum dimensions and conditions in relation to the phenomenon.

During the early stages, many experiments utilize sampling methods of identifying documents, individuals, or objects. This is to assess the relevance of the data before investing too much money and time for the research.

Data analysis and interpretation


Coding is a type of concept analysis that is used to find and conceptualize the hidden issues among the noise in the data. Coding procedures in grounded theory in business research include:

  • Open coding
  • Axial coding
  • Selective coding


The codes are analyzed, and the ones with relation to a common theme are placed in a similar group.


Categories comprise of grouped and ungrouped concepts. The categories lead to the emergency of a theory. How will our assignment help assist you?

Advantages of grounded theory in business research

Grounded Theory in Business Research Online Help

Grounded Theory in Business Research Online Help

It promotes critical thinking and creativity

The grounded theory does not start with testing a hypothesis that already exists. It uses empirical data to generate theories and concepts. Investigators using grounded theory are encouraged not to have preconceived theoretical data.

It involves rigorous data collection and analysis. Hence it enables in-depth research. Still, It explains phenomena which no other theories and paradigms may not explain.

Data analysis systematic approach

The systematic approach ensures trustworthiness in the emerging theory. The systematic procedures of simultaneous data collection and analysis provide grounded theory with rigor, which is not possible in other qualitative approaches. Still, the approach enables researchers to support their claims with enough evidence.

In-depth data

The in-depth data allows researchers to ways to come up with a thorough analysis of the data

Disadvantages of grounded theory in business research

It is exhaustive

Open coding in grounded theory is exhaustive and time-consuming, especially to novice researchers.

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