Write a summative paper on seminal theories of governance and stewardship that inform effective organizational leadership in non-profit or for-profit organizations. Yourassertions should be supported with a minimum of ten scholarly sources from the literature. The paper, written entirely in the third person per APA 6 format requirements and supported by appropriate theories and research, incorporating biblical/ ethical principles, should include:  an introduction;  a discussion of key theories of governance that have contributed to organizational effectiveness in general (a minimum of three theories should be discussed;  contributions of stewardship theory in general to effective governance in non-profit and for-profit organizations;  the relationship of a leader’s values and beliefs to effective governance in organizations; 2500 words View Less >>
Introduction to Effective Organizational Leadership and Governance With increased globalization and liberalization, organizations function differently than before which has increased competition significantly. Therefore, for survival amidst competition, organizations need to resort to various innovative strategies to increase their efficiency and efficacy. Therefore, in such scenarios, the role of leaders becomes very important for an organization’s success (Mishra, P. and Misra, R, 2017). Furthermore, survival of the organization has to do with meeting global standards of performance. The technical definition of good governance and leadership focuses on an administrative process to enroll and engage leadership and power for appropriate decision making that further helps meet needs and demands of the society. Furthermore, it also relates to set of methods and resources allocated to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the working system of an organization to further achieve development by utilizing public resources appropriately (Laurent, Bedo and N. Dakhane,2015). Effective organizational leadership focuses on the ability of leaders to influence, motivate and direct other employees in the organization to achieve specific targets.  Get solution

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