DO make sure you read and understand what the assignment is asking for you before you start researching and writing. It sounds simple enough, but many students miss the point of on assignment and submit work that is for the most part irrelevant. If you are unsure about whether you are on the right track, ask. DO plan your assignment before you write it. This will help to ensure your work has a logical flow. It is always good to have a roadmap on paper before you launch into your writing. If you leave things too late and only start your assignment within two or so days of it being due, you won’t have time to plan effectively and your grade will probably reflect your lack of preparation. Please download the attached file. View Less >>
Snack ‘R’ Us is a company which is into the production of the savoury biscuits in the Australian Super markets. The company has a plan in extending its product range and wants to manufacture such biscuits which could be called as healthy biscuits. For this objective they want to know in case they add fibre to the biscuits then would it produce the healthy affects? I have been asked to prepare a report for the company on this regard. In this report I will discuss on the following: Role of soluble and insoluble fibre in the body. Whether dietary fibre promotes health. Current fibre intake by the people of Australia and New Zealand. Finally this report will discuss on the various findings and the recommendation for the inclusion of fibre in production of the healthier biscuits by Snack ‘R’ Us. Get solution

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