Task Ebola is a condition with global dimensions. Explain briefly the source of the condition and how it is transmitted. Say why you think the condition has not yet got a vaccine, compared to other conditions which DO have vaccines. Describe public health management and prevention of the condition (Ebola), being specific about the context you have in mind. Your key discussion points should be supported by evidence from the literature. You should have at least 4 references in this assignment. The word limits for each section are guides only based on marking weightings,overall your essay should not exceed 2000 words. Criteria You will be assessed on the criteria provided in the marking rubric on the following page (page 15) however you may find the checklist below useful: Do you state the question at the beginning and have you provided an introduction? Do you explain the source of Ebola, how it affects humans and how it is transmitted? Have you compared Ebola to other conditions that do have vaccines ( you need to demonstrate an understanding of the socio-political context in answering this question) Have you identified the context which you are going to use to discuss the public health and prevention of Ebola? Context examples include rural vs. urban, wealthy nation vs. poor nation, Western culture vs non-western culture? Have you discussed the public health management and prevention of Ebola within this context? View Less >>
Ebola is a virus disease (EVD) this is well-known by Ebola hemorrhagic fever. This is an incurable illness which is transmitted from one human to another. This is a very typical disease its sign and symptoms grows between two days to 3 weeks. The person feels fever, muscular pain and sore throat, headache, diarrhea and some people bleed internally and externally. The risk of death is between 25 percent to 90 percent, so on an average 50 percent will die in this disease. The patient gets very low blood pressure in this illness. Get solution

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