Ebola is a condition with global dimensions. Explain briefly the source of the condition and how it is transmitted.Say why you think the condition has not yet got a vaccine, compared to other conditions which DO have vaccines.Describe public health management and prevention of the condition (Ebola), being specific about the context you have in mind. View Less >>
Humanity has always faced the wrath of war and deadly diseases. With time, we found a few ways to deal with such dangers, but its cost was too high. Millions of lives were lost because of such epidemics. In order to improve the situation, a few men and women came together to avoid such calamities from happening in the near future. Everything was going according to their plan until the Ebola virus hit the African countries. Unfortunately, the health departments around the world were not prepared to face this type of danger which destroyed 1000+ lives of the African people. In this essay, I will discuss the meaning of Ebola and how this disease posed a danger to the entire globalization. At the end of 2014, a virus hit the streets of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. This virus was given a term Ebola. In a matter of few days, it infected and killed 100’s of people in Western Africa. Before we jump ahead, let’s shed some light on the history and source of Ebola. The first-ever human case of Ebola was discovered in 1976 which infected 600 people in Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. At that point in time, the outbreak was somehow controlled by the World Health Organization. However, a few scientists embarked a journey to understand the source of this disease. In 2005, scientists tested around 1000 animals (small terrestrial animals, bats and birds) to figure out the source of Ebola virus.  Get solution

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