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Some students find learning the German language a bit challenging. While that may be the case at first, it gets better with time. You only need to get motivated and work hard. If your native language doesn’t belong to the Indo-European languages, things might be a little bit difficult for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fully know how to read and write in the German language. Maybe you will just take a little more time.

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How Long Will A Student Take to Learn the German Language?

There can never be a fixed answer to this question. So many factors will dictate how long a student will take to learn the German language fully. These include the level of effort they put in learning and also the exposure to the language.   The key is being consistent and not getting discouraged, even if you find the language difficult at first.

If you keep on practicing, you will learn the language very fast. Remember, when in school, you are supposed to learn something within a specified time frame. Mostly, this time will not be extended. You have to put effort and ensure you have learned how to write, read and speak fluently during this period.

Amazing Facts About the German Language

German is one of the key languages in the European Union and is spoken by more than 120 million people. It is also among the most popular languages spoken in the world.

The German language has about 5.3 million words. These are eight times more than the English language. The two languages also share some words, such as kindergarten. Interestingly, there also exist ‘false friends.’ These are similar words, but they have different meanings. For example, the word still means nevertheless in English, but in German, it means silent.

German has several words that don’t exist in English. The German language prides itself in having so many words, more than English. For example, it has a word for fear that comes in when someone realizes they are getting old, and they work in urgency to achieve something. This word is Torschlusspanik.

German is the official language of countries like Liechtenstein and Austria. It is not only the official Language in Germany.

German Language Assignment

German Language Assignment

Tips on How to Learn German

Avoid Translation

You can translate from your native language at the initial stages of learning. However, don’t do that for long. Aim to stop thinking in your mother tongue and instead think in German, to learn it faster, as you learn more vocabularies.

Be Resilient

Learning a new language will require your time and effort. That is not something you will fully understand within a few days of learning. Use all the resources available to you to learn the language. Refuse to get discouraged even when things get complicated. To be fluent in the language, you have to learn around 10,000 words.

Focus on Pronunciation

Focusing on writing in German and ignoring the pronunciations will make you fail miserably. You should know how to do both since it will help you in mastering the language, and you will also not have a hard time during the oral examination.

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German Language Assignment Writing Help

German Language Assignment Writing Help


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