Research Paper Outline Introduction Thesis Women Role/Arguments How does discrimination affect women and business? How prevalent is gender-based discrimination in the workplace today? How are women perceived in the workplace? Is there a solution to the issue? Please download the attached file. View Less >>
Women in the workplace are often subjected to discrimination in the lack of leadership roles offered, salaries earned, and unwarranted sexual harassment. Despite several preventative measures, gender discrimination remains prevalent in today’s workplace. This study examined women’s role in the workplace, different roles played by her in family and society, various acts of discrimination faced by them and their effects on her and the business. This paper also compares women’s situation before and after the enactment of discrimination laws by throwing a light on discrimination practices, their impacts, and laws available to counter such practices along with recent cases and judgments. This examination of gender discrimination forces us to rethink on morality of behavior and equality of rights so as to make the workplace and the world a better place to live for women. Get solution

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