The experience of girls in gangs has received limited attention in comparison to the body of researchthat investigates young men’s participation in gangs. Popular understandings of female ganginvolvement sometimes rely on gender stereotypes (for example, sex objects or tomboys) (seePeterson’s 2013, chapter 20 in The Modern Gang Reader).- Answer the following question: Are girls “real gang members”? Use the evolution of gang research on girls to support yourposition on the subject by underlying girls’ pathways into gangs, the roles they play, and theirexperience on gang desistance. Compare to the experience of boys where appropriate. Discuss the main policy implications of what you find: what are the pros and cons of theprograms you discuss? Consider the right balance between (different) policies (both sorts ofpolicies)1. You will have to cover the current state and literature of the specific issue(whatwe know about it);2. Answer the research question by presenting a critical assessment of the existingknowledge about the issue;3. Discuss the policy implications of the findings presented in the paper, and/orpropose recommendations to address the issue(what can be done). View Less >>
Based on the research paper by Michel Dorais and Patrice Corriveau named“Gangs and Girls” much about the interrelationship between the girls and thegangs is known. Gang here refers to a group that comprises of youths fromsocially and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. The question are girls“real gang members” is quite a complex one as the gang itself is formed up withmembers that have the same interest and also work in the same line. The researchpaper cites the fact that it is the street gangs that brings the teenage girls intoprostitution. With the coming of the girls into the gangs and satisfying the clientsis a part of the gang activity but the research goes beyond this and tries to locatethe position of the girls in juvenile prostitution racket (Haer 2017). This answer orthis analysis is primarily based on the fact whether girls are the real gangmembers or not and also brings in the discussion and analysis of their roles andtheir experiences.The involvement of teenage girls into gang based prostitution is a fact in manycommunities around the world and the gang being operated by male youths and the facelessclients become the trap for the young girls. The research paper time and again questions theprocess of involvement of the girls into such street gangs that promotes prostitution and crime.Based on the discriminatory views and biased observation the society often sees the girls to themain offenders and also thinks them to the real culprit for running and promoting such streetgangs but the reality is that, they are the victim in the process (Haer 2017). The reading of theresearch paper by Michel Dorais and Patrice Corriveau does not directly consider the girls to thereal gang members. The street gangs are run by the males and it is the male youths who in thefirst place tarps young women and puts them into dark situations where they are reduced to sex Get solution

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