Students will be required to read and provide a formal literature review/critique of the following Journal article on “Culture and Business”: Bird, A. and Mendenhall, M.E., 2016. From cross-cultural management to global leadership: Evolution and adaptation. Journal of World Business, 51(1), pp. 115-126. This journal article (PDF) has been placed on Blackboard in the Assignment 1 folder for HI3042. IMPORTANT: Please note that a “Literature Review” DOES NOT mean simply reading and summarising the article. Instead students must show:  That they have identified and understood the article’s main thesis statement or hypothesis.  Identify evidence that the author has provided in the article to justify their argument (both for and against).  Perform additional external academic research to find other references and sources that support or detract from the overall hypothesis in the article.  In your conclusion whether you agree or disagree with the author’s point of view and provide a summary of the reasons or justification to support your case.  Provide a list of at least 5 good quality academic research articles and references that you have used in your analysis View Less >>
With globalization, there is increased competition which is becoming more complex and dynamic. This article is a review of how global leadership evolved over time from cross-cultural management. From the various evolutionary trends, it was observed how global leadership came into force. There have been growing concerns about the evolution of cross-cultural management for many years. It is obvious that by managing various cultures across the national boundaries, the concept of business has been translated to a global level altogether. In today’s times, the workforce is multicultural. With the advent of globalization, there were many opportunities for diverse trade and investments. This led to advancements in marketing and technology. In cross-cultural environments of business, people come from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and values, speaking different languages. Therefore, a global leader has to deal with various people in the organization who come from various niche backgrounds and cultures and therefore there is certainly a need to understand the multicultural environment with how global leadership evolved from it thereafter. Get solution

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