French language assignment

French language assignment writing

Introduction to French Language Assignments Writing Help

French is romance language that originated from Latin which developed as a result of Celtic and Frankish influences in Gaul. Being romance language, it is closely related to Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian, as well as many other languages. There are over 87 million native French speakers and an additional 68 million non-native speakers in the world.

French language assignment

French has influenced many languages worldwide, including English. It is through French that English gets about one third of its vocabularies in fact currently there are around thirty countries who name French as one of their official languages. Until now, French is still used as the official language in several global organization such as the United Nations, the Red Cross and international Olympics committee.

Students find it difficult to study French language, we don’t blame the or say they are lazy it because French language is broad subject that never ends like any other language. Hey shouldn’t worry about your French language assignments we as home writers have French language experts who are the best in both spoken and written French language. They are academically smart enough to help you improve your grades and performance.

The role of syllables in the French language.

Syllables are always a necessary part of proper pronunciation in any language. This is because syllables indicate the proper grouping, as well as natural divisions, of the letters in every word. Syllable specifically affect the following aspects of pronunciation.

  • Rhythm
  • Poetic meter
  • Stress pattern

Rhythm and word stress in French Language Assignment

All of the syllables in French words are stressed equally. The rhythm of French sentences is established by cutting the sentence into relevant sections and then putting a stress on the last syllables of every section. The stress on the last syllable is typified by minor increase in intonation. Because of these stresses on last syllable, the “beat” of French sentences is fairly regular

People who learn how to speak French wouldn’t have too much difficulty in learning the accent if they keep in mind that the word stress on all French words is always  on the last syllable and if they understand how open syllables are threated in everyday usage.

French language pronunciation and Assignments

The different sounds that can be heard in spoken French can nearly be heard in the English language too according to, except for a few exceptions such as deep in the throat ”r”, nasal vowels and the quaint “u” sound; why learning the language just mimic the French accent you have heard.

Vowel sounds- the sounds of French vowels are short and do not glide into the vowels.

Nasal vowel sounds-a nasal vowel is pronounced as if you are attempting to push the sound out of your nose instead of your mouth

The unstable ‘e’ sound. – The letter ‘e’ is often considered as unstable vowel in the French language because it is either pronounced or completely dropped when pronouncing certain words.

Consonant sounds-the consonant sound in French are almost the same as the consonant sounds in English except for the “r” sound which is created at the back of the throat

Writing in French language in your Assignments

Written French is a lot more complex than spoken French you can just see it by how verbs are spelled. A verb may end with up to 5 letters and still sound similar to a verb that end with 2 letters. Even the French people themselves find it difficult to spell French words.

Reading French language

In written French language you will frequently see an ‘I’ before a word that starts with silent “h” or a vowel. L is basically takes the place of “le” or “la”. French word starting with ‘L’ is pronounce just like you would pronounce word starting with ‘I’.

Understanding French verb forms

French verbs often have to be conjugated almost every single time that the verb changes the tense French verbs has different categories as follows:

  1. Regular –ER verbs- these are the French words that end in –er. These are counterparts of English verbs that are in infinitive form
  2. Regular –IR verbs- these verbs are words that end in –ir and are also the French counterparts of infinitive English that require the use of the word ‘to’
  3. Regular –RE verbs- these verbs end in –re and are also the infinitive form. Conjunction still depends on the pronoun attached to the verb.
  4. Stem-changing verb-just like in the English verb categories, French stem changing verbs also have two different stems that change in spelling or syllable stress depending on whether it is used with singular or plural pronouns
  5. Irregular verbs- these verbs take the same form as regular verb because they also end in –er,-ir,-and –re. However, unlike regular French verbs, irregular verbs do not have a regular pattern of conjugation. Visit for more.
French language assignment

French language assignment

French language pronouns: formal and informal usage

French pronouns  are used for replacing nouns in order to avoid redundancy or to simply make the sentence shorter and more direct to point like any other language French pronouns are divided into two categories.

  1. Personal pronouns- This category of pronouns has five types of primary personal pronouns used in the French language
  2. Impersonal pronouns-This are pronouns that do not have to change form in order to match the 1st to 3rd-person party. These pronouns do not change in order to match the gender of the noun as well as its number it is divided into:
  • Demonstrative pronouns –These pronouns are the pronouns that roughly translate to English pronouns this, that, these, those. These pronouns cannot function as standard alone words so would have to be attached to either a suffix or a prepositional phrase
  • Interrogative pronouns- These are pronouns that ask questions French has two primary interrogative pronouns and change depending on whether it is used as a subject or object in the sentence as well as is followed by preposition.

How adverbs are positioned in French sentences in French language

Adverbs are important parts of sentence in language because these provide answers to questions: When, Where and How. French grammar has much stricter rules when it comes to placement of adverbs as compared to English grammar rules. Some of the rules of placing French adverbs include

  1. If the adverb does not modify a verb, it should be placed in front of the adjective, adverb, or noun phrase that it modifies
  2. If it is a manner adverb that modifies the verb, then it should always be placed after the verb. In most cases, the verb would already be conjugated to match the adverb.

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French language assignment writing help

French language assignment writing help

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