Explain the formation of secondary minerals and humus forms beginning from a recent landscape (alluvial floodplain or deglaciated terrain) over a period of 10,000 years in a humid, temperate climate AND the origin and dynamics of the resulting plant nutrients over this period of time. View Less >>
Soil forms to be aliving and dynamic component that occurs within the interface of air and rock. Soil is formed owing to various forces of climate and organisms. Such factors act on the parent landscape over millions of years and results in formation of soil that is enriched with secondary minerals and other nutritive elements. The characteristics features of the new soil formed depends upon various factors such as nature of the parent material, acting organisms, climatic features, topography and  duration of  time the forming soil was exposed to. The current review outlines the process of formation of soil from landscape such as alluvial flood plains. Moreover, the dynamics of the plantnutrients have also been outlined. Get solution

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