a) Describe the relationship between the front office and the other hotel departments, and the tools required to facilitate this relationship. b) Analyse the key success factors in relation to guest satisfaction. c) Apply the full range of Front Office operations including preparation for guest arrivals, welcoming and registering guests, and organising guest departures. View Less >>
INTRODUCTION In the hotel industry the Front office management has the involvement of reserving bookings in the hotel, registration of guests, maintenance of guest’s account with the hotel. Coordinating with the other departments of the hotel and providing best service to guests. FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT The FD is the one of the departments of the hotel which has a direct touch with the consumers and clients when they first reach at the hotel. It is the platform which is easily transparent and can be seen and is approachable and carries out most of the necessary work which includes: Creating guests database Taking care of guest accounts Selling services Satisfying customer needs Handling customers complaints Fronts office department includes: The Uniformed services The Concierges Accounting System of Front Office Private Branch Exchange ,a private telephone network used in an organization key success factors in relation to guest satisfaction  Quick Resolution Customers always expect there problems and queries to be resolved as quickly as possible and in a timely manner as time is money for the customers. Attitude Customers should be treated good and should be handled with care in a courteous and in a professional manner Ownership  Taking charge of a situation even if problem cannot be fixed, make sure the customer does not bounce around trying to find the right person to help. Empathy Empathy has always been the key success in relating to guest satisfaction as it helps to understand the guest in a better way as when we put ourselves into the customer shoe to know and understand them better  Get solution

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