First Task: Visit the Alcatel-Lucent website ( and search for “ecosustainability strategy.” a) Read about Alcatel’s eco-sustainability strategy. b) Describe how the company is developing eco-sustainable networks. In your opinion, is this an effective strategy? Explain. c) Explain how the company is enabling a low-carbon economy. What is its most significant contribution to sustainability? Second Task: Watch the video titled ‘Building Clever Cities’ from The Economist: or alternatively: Then, answer the following questions: a) How would you explain “smart cities” in a simple way? Why is ‘data’ important to the idea of smart cities? b) The interviewee mentioned that big IT companies are making investments to develop smart-city products, do you think that the benefits will outweigh the costs for those IT companies that are already investing on smart-city technology? c) Reflect on one of the negative consequences of smart cities mentioned by the interviewee. Do you agree or disagree with it? Explain. Can it be avoided? Third Task: Read pages 26-29 from the European Union (2014) report “Mapping Smart Cities in the EU” (located on iLearn under Week 5 learning materials). You are required to make Unit convenor: Edward Tello, PhD 2 recommendations to convert Melbourne ( into a smart city. After reading those pages, choose 3 of the 6 characteristics. Then make 2 recommendations for each characteristic in order to convert Melbourne into a smart city (and justify each recommendation). 1. You are required to prepare a report and submit it to Pingtzir for grading. 2. This report should be between 3 to 4 pages in length (max. 4 pages) 3. Send it to Pingtzir ( no later than Sunday 25 September 11:59pm. Penalties will be applied for late submission. 4. Attached is the rubric that Pingtzir will use to grade your work. View Less >>
1. Alcatel-Lucent: Eco Sustainability Strategy a) Eco–sustainable networks Fewer network devices: Alcatel concentrates to more output with less power consumption. They accommodate innovative devices in the entire end-to- end system to provide holistic energy efficiency. For example, OnmiSwitch, their networking solution provides edge solutions for eco-friendly networks. (Alcatel-Lucent, 2016) Get solution

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