You are to write a case study showing your knowledge of a specific real life-entrepreneur. It can be a person of your own choosing, or you may select someone already mentioned in the lectures and tutorials. If you have any doubt about the suitability of your choice, please consult with your lecturer or tutor for advice and approval. The case study should provide a brief summary and overview of this person’s work and achievement, drawing on reliable information sources and properly referenced. View Less >>
Elon Musk is an owner as well as the founder of Tesla Motors as well as PayPal as well as the founder of an organization called SpaceX. He also worked as a board member of an organization like Solar City. He was born in the year 1971, in a place called Pretoria which is located in South Africa. His father was Errol Musk who was an engineer and his mom wereMaye Musk who worked as a nutritionist-based model. He started working at the age of 12when he sold video games. At the age of 17, he left his country and went to Kingston located in Ontario situated in Canada to run away from army-based services and avoid any kind of apartheid kind of regime (Davenport, 2018). Elon Musk considered the business model that mentions the rationale of how the company develops, offers and gain value. This is why the business model of the company is a crucial part of the strategic management tool. Get solution

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