The purpose of this task is to critically review the body of knowledge on your topic of interest, problematize the current body of knowledge, and articulate your envisioned contribution to help solve this problem. The report will discuss in detail the concept of fake news on social media. The term fake news was not a word that the number of people actually resonated with just a few years ago, however, it can now be seen as one of the biggest threats to any kind of democracy as well as free debate concepts (Allcott and Gentzkow, 2017). So many big names like Donald Trump and many others are the soft target that easily raises tension between the countries and can address to regulate various social media platforms. The fact that on social media there is no kind of editors, which permit all type of information to spread without any control. Thus, probably by having an individual that review the content on social media can be one option. Social media platforms have also started being more aware of the possible threats to such platforms (Wu and Liu, 2018). View Less >>
The companies who bring up the fake news does not rely on using editors like it is used in the case of print publication and that can also be one of the reasons behind the random spreading of fake news regarding politics and any other information and area (Lazer et al. 2018). Fake news in social media is indeed a present day in the contemporary time since with so many social platforms working together it is difficult to make out which one is real and which one isn’t. There is obscurity regarding information and facts as well as many of the social sites hype up things just to spread the news and also to increase the number of shares, comments and posts. Why fake news is circulated in social media and what is the main purpose of this? What is the connection of fake news with politics? What is the economic cycle behind fake news being promoted? The above questions will guide the study and will also help in building relevant answers that will throw light into the study and will make the literature all the more comprehensive. Get solution

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