Exploring the Paradigm Wars in Organisation TheoryThe field of organisation theory is characterised as a fragmented body of knowledge, with many competing theories to explain organisational action.Your task is to critically analyse the contribution that strategic choice and determinist theories (Resource Dependency Theory; Institutional Theory; Population Ecology) make to our understanding of organisational action.Which perspective do you find most compelling -strategic choice or determinism? Explain your reasoning. Write an essay-style response to this question, referring to the current academic literature on this topic.As a general rule, a minimum of three (3) academic references from peer-reviewed journals, in addition to references from the subject core text is required.You may find this resource onEssay Writinghelpful.This essay is a critical review of the influential ideas about the role of managers in shaping organsational outcomes. View Less >>
An organization is a process in which the individual or group of people are working together to achieve a single or multiple objective at a time. Because of the dynamic environment, it is necessary that there should be proper structure for carrying the activities of the organization effectively. As a result, we can take the help of organization theory to make changes in the pattern so as to meet the expectations and to increase the production and productivity. The organization theory has used a number of theories that guides the organization and provide benefit to them. Some of these theories includes strategic choice theory, environmental determinism etc that contributes to the actions taken by the organization. Thus organizational theory can be used by the organizations to decide the actions that they must undertake in their business for its growth and increasing the profitability of the business. In next section, there areexplanations of the theories of paradigm wars and then the comparison of these theories is done to choose the best theory that organizations can use in their operations. Get solution

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