Research Questions (11) 1.What is marketing? What is marketing mix? What are the traditional 4 Ps? Explain in details with examples on each mix to backup your explanations. Latest concepts of the marketing mix have increased to as many as 9 Ps. What are these and explain? 2.Explain the difference between: market research and marketing research quantitative research and qualitative research primary and secondary data 3. Identify and explain the following: business objectives in conducting research objectives of research methods of collecting information methods of data analysis 4. Explain the following research terminologies : census, geographic, mean, median, validation, data processing, data sources, estimate, judgement sample, and Boolean operators 5.How can technology improve marketing research? Explain thoroughly using at least 15 sentences. 6.What are the ethical aspects of marketing research? Provide a sample Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics of a research company. 7.Why is culture an important consideration in studying and applying marketing? 8.Identify and explain the different stages of the research process. 9.In what situation do you select a pie chart to present your research data? When do you use a line graph or a bar graph? Provide 2 examples each of a pie graph, a line graph and a bar graph. 10.Research 5 customer satisfaction questionnaires from different companies. Explain the importance of customer satisfaction questionnaires 11. You are required to write a report on how marketers use the different methods of marketing research to identify the opportunities of the market, segmenting and targeting the market based on the valuable results collected from their marketing research activities. To be able to do this assessment, you should: choose a company identify the various market research techniques the company has used to gather information about the market Explain how these research techniques are conducted Provide a sample feedback form, survey form or questionnaire. View Less >>
Marketing refers to the process that involves drafting the plan and execution of the concept, promotion, distribution and pricing of services, goods and ideas which satisfy goals of organizations as well as individuals. Marketing mix is a designed mix of the controllable factors of the marketing plan of product. This mix is generally called as 4Ps: product, price, promotion and place. These factors are attuned and adjustments are made until the accurate amalgamation is discovered which meets the requirements of the customers of the products, whilst optimum income is generated. At times, the P (Product) is replaced by P (Presentation). For example – Product – How should the product be branded? Place – How can correct channels of distribution be accessed? Price – Comparison of the price of product with the price charged by the competitors. Promotion – How is the activity of promotion undertaken by competitors influence the decision on promotion of the product (The Marketing Mix and 4 Ps). With the augmentation of marketing as the process moving online through various mediums like social media and emails, 5 more Ps have been added to the above concept of 4Ps. This is called the concept of 9Ps and includes: Purpose – This refers to knowing in advance if the campaign is for call-to-action or brand awareness. People – This refers to understanding how people envisage the product offered. Get solution

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