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Marine biology is a subdiscipline of biology. Marine biology is the study of life in the sea. Marine biology involves studying the marine organisms, how they interact and function. Just like there are several living things that exist on land, there exists many forms of life in the sea.

Marine Biology Assignment Help

Marine Biology Assignment Help

Living things that live in the sea such as sharks, whales and dolphins possess features such as gills and fins that help them adapt to life in the sea. Seas and oceans take up 70% of the total surface of the earth. This therefore means that there is plenty of habitat in the sea.

Marine biology helps us to explore these seas so as to learn the different forms of life found in the sea.  To date, only 230,000vmarine species have been discovered and recorded. However, scientists suggest that there could be over 2 million species that are yet to be discovered and documented.

In order to fully understand marine life, marine biology includes studying the biological, geological, physical and chemical oceanography to be able to understand marine organisms. As such, marine biology is a very broad subject. Marine biologists often pick a certain area of interest and focus on it. They could choose to select their area of specialization based on specific species, behavior technique, group or ecosystem.

Marine biology is linked to molecular biology. Researchers in marine biology utilize molecular systems to be able to distinguish habitats from the deep sea, marshes and the various organisms such as fish, viruses and plants.

A great percentage of all life exists in the oceans and seas. However, due to the many varieties of oceans that are yet to be identified, it is close to impossible to know the exact quantity of life in the ocean.

In marine biology, different environments are studied. These environments range from the surface water layers where living beings and abiotic objects are easily found to the deep ocean trenches.

The developing world is putting emphasis on the ability of modernization to produce water, shelter and food hence human beings greatly depend on the oceans and seas to provide our fundamental needs.

Our curiosity compounded with technological developments will aid our ability to obtain drinking water, food, waste disposal, energy sources and transportation from the oceans. The generations to come have the responsibility of further developing on the current discoveries of the ocean and its ability to support the needs of people and the world.

Students studying marine biology focus on studying the bays, marshes and oceans in the world.  Marine biology students are provided with innovative research, public outreach and education. Undergraduate students are also offered practical experiences both in the lab and in the field. In addition, these students can access marine habitats.

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Importance of Studying Marine Biology

Oceans and seas are very important to human beings and the planet at large. A good example is the oxygen used by living things therefore it is proof that oceans support life. In addition, oceans help in controlling climate as well as the shape of the earth.

Current day modernization has been greatly supported by oceans through sectors such as tourism and transport. However, there is a lot that still remains unknown about oceans and it is therefore an important field.

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Sub-topics in Marine Biology covered in Marine Biology Assignment Help

As discussed earlier, marine biology is a very wide subject. It is closely linked to other subject and has a number of sub topics all of which are adequately covered by our marine biology assignment writers.

Marine biology students can contact us if they need help in any of the following sub topics:

Aquaculture and Fisheries – this is the sub topic of marine biology that is applied in the making of seafood for fishes that is also sustainable. The world and human beings greatly depend on fish for protein which is an essential nutrient in the body.

Microbiology – microbiology is the study of microorganisms. Microbiology is closely linked to microbiology. This close link is due to the fact that microorganisms are known to play an important role in the marine ecosystem hence it is crucial in the study of marine biology.

Deep- Sea Ecology – this subtopic helps students to learn about and understand the technological equipment used in exploring marine life in depth. Students having difficulties understanding this subtopic often contact us for their assignment help.

Environmental marine biology – this is the most important subtopic of marine biology. Environmental marine biology involves studying the health of the ocean. Environmental marine biology helps scientists to control marine health.

Ichthyology – this is the subtopic of marine biology concerned with studying the properties or characteristics of fish such as their diversity, morphology, classification and more.

Topics in Marine Biology covered in Marine Biology Assignment Help

Our marine assignment writers have previously assisted students with assignments on the following topics:

  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Fisheries biology
  • Marine Ecology
  • Zoology
  • Astronomy
  • Cellular Biology
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Meteorology
  • Biological Oceanography


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Marine Biology Assignment Help

Marine Biology Assignment Help


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