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What is Entomology?

Entomology is the study of insects that are a major part of nature.  Scientists and biologists across the world have carried out a lot of study on insects. This is largely because scientists are always interested and curious to explore natural components of the earth and to obtain knowledge from it.

Entomology Assignment Help

Entomology Assignment Help

Entomology is classified as one of the branches of zoology. We can easily identify various types of insects in our surroundings. Insects differ in sizes and appearance. Some of them are attractive and small whereas others are scary, irritating, large and carriers of diseases.

Some of these insects give meaning to the terms laborious and social life. A good example of such insects are the bees. Learning about insects is considered to be both interesting and challenging. Scientists seek to learn about various types of insects, their qualities, importance and advantages.

Scientists who study insects are known as entomologists. The earth we live in is a habitat to different living beings such as animals, insects, birds and the natural vegetation around us. it is evident that there is a strong link between living beings and nature. Scientific knowledge is applied to deepen exploration of natural ideas.

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What do Entomologists do?

In their day-to-day life, entomologists perform the following tasks:

  1. Entomologists spend a lot of their time classifying insects into various groups, classes, order, suborder depending on their habitual, morphological and anatomical differences.
  2. Entomologists work with various types of insects perceived to be beneficial.
  3. Entomologists also work in various organizations within government.
  4. Entomologist identify the physiology, ecology and the behavior of the different types of insects.
  5. Entomologists often carry out research.
  6. They spend time learning, discovering and classifying both the useful and harmful insects.
  7. Entomologist carry out research linked to the control and total elimination of pests.
  8. Entomologist collaborate with private firms to work as counselors, teachers and lecturers.

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In the study of entomology, an important subject that students are required to learn about is the subject on pests. Pests are the small organisms and insects present in the fields, farms, storage areas or even on vegetables and crops.

It is common for small insects to attack grains that have been stored for a period of time. Pests are very harmful and they often attack plants, livestock and grains. They are a major problem to farmers. Entomologists carry out research and studies to come up with ways of c

controlling these pests.

There are numerous types of insects.  The widely known insects that is interesting and beneficial to human beings is the honey bee. Honey bees work all day long to form a network. They work in groups to gather important materials that are obtained from flowers and in return, assist the plants to stay fresh and alive.

Similarly, dragon flies help human beings to control the population of mosquitos in the environment. Mosquitos are well known for their threat to humanity as they cause communicable diseases.

We therefore can say that the main work of entomologists is to learn and understand the relationship and interaction of different types of insects with human beings and the environment. Entomology therefore is a major area of study in the sub branches of science.

Topics covered in Entomology Assignment Help

Entomology is a branch of zoology that focuses on studying insects.  The study of entomology includes other aspects of zoology such as taxonomy, ecology, physiology, genetics and morphology

Our team of entomology assignment helpers cover the following topics;

  • Economic Entomology – this topic involves studying both the harmful and useful effects of insects to human beings, animas and the environment at large.
  • Study of the benefits of insects – in this topic, advancements in entomological studies and research in genetics are studied to help improve modern day agricultural practices, environmental monitoring and crop yield management.
  • Pest Management – this topic uses the different strategies such as biological and chemical ways in order to regulate damage caused by insects to the end products of agriculture.
  • Forensic Entomology – interestingly, insects play an important role in forensic science. Insects play a vital role in a wide range of legal scenarios such as criminal and civil cases. For instance, an entomologist can be able to determine and tell the time of death of a person depending on the number of insects living in the body.

Key Fields in Entomology

There are a number of fields in entomology which students can choose from depending on their interest and preference.  These fields include;

  • Economic entomology
  • Agricultural entomology
  • Medical entomology
  • Forensic entomology
  • Ecological entomology
  • Environmental entomology
  • Applied entomology
  • Veterinary entomology

Entomology is a vast topic. Studying entomology helps us to easily locate and to deeply study insects to gather relevant information. After completion of a course in entomology, students can pursue careers in research, survey, teaching, consultancy, public health service, jobs in governmental and non-governmental organizations, in pharmaceutical and agricultural companies. All these jobs are well paying.

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