Experimental and Nonexperimental Research Design Writing Introduction


Whether you are undergraduate or a postgraduate student, you have to carry out a research at least once in your area of study. Research designs are categorised into two categories namely; experimental and nonexperimental. These two types of research have various drawbacks and differences. Therefore, students tend to confuse them even more.

Both experimental and nonexperimental research designs can work together in many similar situations. However, there are some isolated situations where only one design works at the expense of the other. As a student, you need to understand the type of research question. Also, you should understand the field of study for you to understand which design to use. 

Most students find these selection criteria to be complicated and time-consuming. For this reason, they end up picking the wrong research design, which ends up giving them incorrect results.

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Experimental Research Design

You can only choose to use an experimental research design in your study if you have a clear hypothesis. The research aims to test the hypothesis to confirm or refute its validity. Experimental research designs have some unique characteristics.

For instance, they have a dependent variable, a control group, and an independent variable. Also, most of its experiment is conducted in a controlled environment such as the laboratory. The experiments aim at finding out the cause reasons for how the dependable variable depends on the independent variable. It is the study that is used to answer what, why, and how kind of questions in the research.  The experimenter has the powers of manipulating the variables and also to control the group and a placebo.

The experimenter divides his group members into two groups, namely the control group and the placebo group. He directs the control group to receive the treatment that he wants to test while the placebo group undergoes testing without treatment. He is supposed to repeat this experiment under the same environment several times to get the most accurate results. He deals with different types of experiments such as controlled experiments, field experiments, and quasi-experiments.

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Methodology Used

The experimenter is supposed to form two groups whose role is to experiment. The first group is referred to as the experimental group, while the other is known as the placebo group. The two groups experiment using a different approach. For instance, the placebo groups do not get any treatment while the experimental group receives the treatment.

 The experimental group is composed just like the control group. The only significant difference is that the experimental group gets the treatment, while the control group is not subjected to any form of treatment. Also, to get the most accurate results, the experimenter repeats the experiment twice or even thrice in the same environment.

Nonexperimental research design

This is research that is carried out naturally without the need for a special environment such as the laboratory. Therefore, it does not need the manipulation of the environment, the situation, people, event, or the circumstances.

Some of the examples of nonexperimental research design are interrelation studies, descriptive studies, and comparative studies. However, any study whose purpose is to study people, a situation, and phenomena at a given period can be categorised as a nonexperimental study. An example of that kind of study is a longitudinal study.

Correlation and Causation of experimental and nonexperimental research design

Causation indicates how the occurrence of one event affects the occurrence of another event. On the other hand, correlation shows the relationship between the two events. Correlation studies are mostly referred to as nonexperimental research design. These studies make people have a strong bias against interpreting experimental results.

Therefore, let us assume that the professor want you to report on causation relationship between various variables that are already studied. Causation and correlation are different variables that can lead a common mistake. This results in misunderstanding and confusion towards the two research designs. However, acemywork.com experts have helped many students to avoid such misunderstanding. The best thing with us is that we do not only help you to craft the best research paper, but we also do it for you from scratch. Yes! You just place an order with us and leave everything to us.

Differences between Experimental and Nonexperimental Research Design Writing

So, now we know the basics of the correlation and Causation. The other thing student needs to know is about their differences. The first difference between these two designs is in their methodology. The researches on experimental designs have the capability of performing different experiments on various groups of the people by manipulating their predator variable. This is not always the case with nonexperimental researches. They only observe and interpret what they are looking at.

The other notable difference is in their power to manipulate and control something. This makes the student to have problems finding out the cause-effect relationship in the world of science. Being able to explain and to demonstrate how X causes Y is very powerful. While nonexperimental research designs come very close to this, it cannot explain with certainty and conviction of how X causes Y.

This is because nonexperimental design relies on less direct ways to measure, and therefore there might be something that it fails to understand.

For instance, let us assume that we want to find out the level of violence between men and women. We take our predator variable to be gender. It means that it is impossible to have a true experimental study.

 However, we can manipulate the predator variable to have an exploratory study. We could run a certain experimental study only if we had ways of switching men to women or women to men. This could help us to observe which gender is more violent. But it is not possible. So, we can only consider using a nonexperimental study since it is not possible to manipulate our predictor variable. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Categories of Nonexperimental Research

Experimental and Nonexperimental Research Design Writing Introduction 24/7

There are various categories of nonexperimental research that every student must know. Nonexperimental research design falls under four main categories known as qualitative research, quasi-experimental research, single-variable research, and correlation research. By now, we understand that research that focuses on a single variable instead of statistical relationships falls under the nonexperimental research design. However, there is no particular term given to refer to this kind of research.

Therefore, let us assign it a single-variable research name. Also, let us take Milgram’s original research as a case study. We all know about Milgram’s research. If you do not know, and you have an assignment touching on it, do not worry. Our acemywork.com experts are here to make you score good grades in such assignments.

Milgram used nonexperimental research design in his obedience study. This is because Milgram only focused on one variable. For instance, his work dwelt much in identifying the extent to which the participants could obey the research after telling them to shock the confederate. After testing that hypothesis, he observed that every participant was performing the same task in similar conditions. Therefore, he concluded that the behaviour seen across every participant is as a result of early socialization.

The other study that you have learned so far is the study of Loftus and Pickrell. That study is another best-case example of the nonexperimental research design. It also a perfect example of single-variable research. Do you remember what the variable was all about? It was about testing whether the participants could remember whether they experienced the mildly traumatic experience in their childhood.

 One of the questions was whether they ever got lost in the shopping mall. The participants reported that they have never got lost since the research asked them repeatedly. However, when they were asked about experiencing such occurrences frequently, most remembered at least one event. This was what led to further studies about the factors that affect false memories. Therefore, the socialization exposed to the child was vital in determining the child behaviour. All these studies were done through a nonexperimental research design.

As we can see in these examples, single variable research is used to answer interesting and some vital questions. However, it cannot answer questions touching on statistical relationships between the variables. However, most students, as well as the researchers, miss this point.

For instance, a group of researchers interested in testing the hypothesis of how bullying in school affects child self-esteem. Researchers can only test this by getting a sample size of children who were bullied in school and measure their self-worth. This is a single variable kind of study since it has self-esteem as the only variable.

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Final verdict

The above are some of the things that you need to know about writing an experimental and nonexperimental research paper. It is a step by step guide prepared by our experts. Therefore, we believe that you should be able to score better grades if you grasp every concept that has been given. Make use of every detail given here.

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