Taxonomy Assignment Help

Taxonomy Assignment Help

What is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is the scientific study of classification of living things. It is the study that relies on common qualities of living things to characterize and name them. Taxa are the classification units used in taxonomy.

Taxonomy Assignment Help

Taxonomy Assignment Help

In taxonomy, living things are classified into taxa and these taxa are ranked in an order. The lowest ranking is the gathering. Gatherings then make up a super-gathering and the ranking continues all the way to make an orderly chain of command.

The arrangement of a specific classification in a hierarchical structure is known as a taxonomic scheme. In parent-child relationships also known as generalization specialization relationships, the subtype illustrates similar behaviors, properties and constraints as seen in the super type. However, they can possess an additional property, behavior or constraint.

In the beginning, taxonomy referred to just the classification of living things. In the present day, it refers to how things or concepts are classified as well as the principles responsible for their classification.

We can therefore say that taxonomy is the scientific study of how organisms are identified, named and grouped depending on their existing natural relationship.

Mathematically, a hierarchical taxonomy can be defined as the tree like structure classification of a given group of things. Hierarchical taxonomy is also known as containment hierarchy. At the top the tree like structure, there is the root node.

Taxonomy is a mandatory subject for students studying both zoology and botany. Taxonomy is the scientific study of identifying, describing and classifying plants, animals and microorganisms in the world.

Different types of species of plants, animals and microorganisms are classified and arranged using observations such as morphological, behavioral and genetic. Living things are classified and organized in a hierarchical manner, the lowest rank being the subordinate group.

The present system of classifying things was formulated by Carolus Linnaeus.


This Swedish botanist invented the binomial nomenclature, a system of classification that identifies an organism by its genus and species name. In addition, Carolus Linnaeus developed the taxonomy hierarchy which is the classification system widely used today.

Taxonomy hierarchy is made up of eight ranks, that is the domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.

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Students studying taxonomy need to deeply understand the hierarchical divisions of taxonomy because taxonomy assignments can be derived from any of the ranks of the hierarchy.

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Levels of Taxonomy in Taxonomy Assignment Help

It is very important for taxonomy students to understand in depth the different level in taxonomy. Understanding these levels is important in identifying animals which belong to different taxonomy levels. These levels are:

  • Domain – this is the highest level of ranking of animals. Domain is a relatively new rank since it was recently introduced unlike the other levels that were invented by Linnaeus. There are three major domains, these are bacteria, archaea and eukaryote.
  • Kingdom – for the longest time, this was the highest rank up to when the domain was introduced. Previously, the fungi, animalia, bacteria, plantae, archaea and Protista were some of the kingdoms that existed. The kingdom is a level that is still being revised and modified.
  • Phylum – phylum is the rank that comes after kingdom. In the animalia kingdom, there are 35 phyla. The phylum includes Porifera, Chordata and Anthropology.
  • Class – according to Linnaeus hierarchy, class is what existed in the place of phylum. There are 108 classes under the animalia kingdom. They include the Aves, Reptilia, Mammalia among others.
  • Order – the order is more specific than the class level. In the Mammalia kingdom, there are a total of 19 to 26 orders. Lepidoptera is one example of the order invented by Linnaeus and still exist in the present day.
  • Family – the family is the most elaborate and specific taxonomy level. Ursidae, Felidae, Mephitidae and Canidae are some of the families in the Carnivora order.
  • Genus – the level of specificity increases as you go up the levels of classification. Compared to family, genus is more particular. In the binomial nomenclature, the genus gives the first part of scientific name given to an organism. The species name makes up the second part of the name. scientific names of organisms in binomial nomenclature are usually italicized. However, key difference is that the genus name is always capitalized whereas the species name is not.
  • Species – this is the biggest rank in taxonomy. It is the most specific rank compared to all the other ranks. A number of the species rank are subdivided into subspecies. There are over 8 million species of organisms in the world.

In summary, the above are the 8 taxonomy levels that students are expected to learn and familiarize with. They will be required to research on each of these levels from time to time. They need to fully grasp the concept of classification for them to correctly write their taxonomy assessments and assignments.

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Taxonomy Assignment Help

Taxonomy Assignment Help

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