CIPD Level 3

CIPD Level 3

CIPD level 3 is the foundation level in CIPD qualification. It is the most basic level of a professional course. It is suitable for those without any experience in human resource and learning and development.

CIPD Level 3

CIPD Level 3

CIPD level 3 forms the basis for learning in human resource and learning and development. It separates the two and gives you two separate career pathways to choose from. CIPD level 3 is equal to an A- level.

CIPD level 3 qualification is the first level in CIPD qualification. It offers a realistic introduction to human resource and learning and development practice. It is the right level for those intending to pursue the field of HR and L&D. At, we have a team of experts ready to assist you with your CIPD level 3 assignments.

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Challenges faced by Students in CIPD Level 3 Assignment

The major challenge that students face is being given several assignments at the same time. All these assignments come with deadlines and require a lot of input in terms of time and research.

Most assignments are given when they are almost sitting for their exams. They need to prepare for these exams and write their assignments at the same time.

Other challenges include;

  • Students who travel abroad often face the challenge of language barrier if they do not understand the language being used. This will give them a hard time when it comes to understanding subjects that are taught in classes.
  • Sometime students are given assignments on short notice and this becomes a problem since they can not write these assignments on such a short notice.
  • Some students will feel that their professors do not give them enough attention in class.
  • Deciding on and choosing a reliable website for their CIPD level 3 assignment is a challenge to some students. Finding one that is affordable can be a problem too.
  • Students might have no idea on how to compose their assignments without copy-pasting. Making sure that assignments are error free is a challenge to some students.
  • Lack of enough research resources on CIPD level 3 forces students to greatly rely on online resources for their assignments. Some of these resources are not genuine and students who rely on them end up failing their assignments.

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CIPD Level 3 Learning Outcomes

This is the beginner level and takes approximately 8-12 months. It covers four major modules with knowledge that is both practical and applied. These modules are;

  • People practice essentials

In this module, students learn a number of things i.e.

  • This module teaches the important concepts of people practice and how they can be effectively applied in real life.
  • They learn skills such as creating laws and policies, managing and regulating them and the lifecycle of employees.
  • It focuses on the mechanism of how companies and firms recruit talent, how recruitment process is managed, the effect of recruitment, its reward and punishment in the learning and development sector.
  • The factors that affect employee performance.
  • Skills involved in the selection and appointment of a workforce that is competent through assessing the Lifecyle of an employee.
  • Understanding the ethical practices of an organization together with the legislative policies that guide staff management and recruitment.
  • People professionals -core behaviors and gestures in workplace setting
  • How to approach customers and inform them of your services and products while adhering to the principles and ethics.
  • ways in which professionals can recognize and acknowledge their mistakes to foster a humble and healthy attitude towards customers or employees.
  • Upholding the moral and ethical principles, applying them in your work and conforming to rules and laws that are beneficial to the organization.
  • Communicating differences in viewpoints respectfully.
  • Business culture and change in context
  • Teaches the prominent external factors that impact and influence a company’s business, the context in which they companies operate and their goals, vision and mission.
  • The essentials of a workplace culture and how its dynamic change between the rules and norms of the workplace and the employees.
  • Learning the competence of employees and how their adaptation mechanisms to help them blend in the workplace environment.
  • Understanding how people professionals affect other employees and how their decisions and actions affect the motivation and work output.
  • Analytics
  • It teaches how to utilize skills that are evidence based and analytical to deliver solutions and realistic decision making to create impactful value.
  • The importance of data management and data measurement in making decisions that are informed.
  • Research and critical thinking skills needed to interpret financial and other areas imperative to their role
  • Teaching stakeholders and employees how to grow the service to reach as many as possible and create value.

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CIPD Level 3

CIPD Level 3

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