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Introduction to Excel and power Dashboard Assignment Writing

Excel Dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives; consolidated and arranged on single screen so the information can be monitored at glance It can also be referred as visual displays of data, mostly comprising of charts graphs with attention seeking components there are various tools available in the market to create an excel dashboards. Creating excel or power dashboard in excel is a wise decision cause if its advantages as it will be discussed in thehomeworkwriters.com. this is also because Microsoft has introduced several powerful features in excel, making your job of handling large data sets from various data sources simple and less tiresome.

Excel Dashboard Assignment

Excel Dashboard Assignment

In this topic students learn how to use excel features effective in dashboards. They include features that makes the dashboard dynamic and interactive. But first the following is how excel is good for creating dashboards;

  • A commercial-off-the-shelf solution-this is where excel bring in its advantage. It has many data visualization packages out there but excel doesn’t require any of these  technologies to begin building dashboards
  • Flexible and customizable-Excel bring a strong amount of flexibility and customizability. Meaning excel gives you many options in which you present and visualize data and analysis
  • Familiarity and ubiquity-excel is ubiquitous, Microsoft excel is most widely used spreadsheet platform across the world. With familiarity coming with less training
  • Inexpensive-ish-this is because excel is incredibly cheap especially when you move into the more expensive versions of office
  • Quick turnaround time- excel solutions don’t take as long as other software. On the front end you can add and modify the format with ease and without code.

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Types of excel dashboards

Strategic dashboards

These dashboards provide information to managers and decision makers about the underlying health of the business or organization. Because of this they do not typically contain metrics or key performance indicators.

Operational dashboards

Analytical dashboards provide insight into specific company operations. They are often more complex than strategic dashboards. The information presented often requires a timely response, so they are more likely to highlight problems and alert their core audience to take action.

Analytical dashboards

Analytical dashboards are often more dense than the formed two presented. They allow for comparison of multiple factors and trends the offer the greatest amount of detail compared to the former two. Where tactical dashboards are often concerned with a reporting period and operational dashboard monitor processes often in real time, analytical allow for multiple comparison across varying dimensions.

Excel and power dashboards features to create dashboards

Sparklines- You can use sparklines in your excel tables to show trends over a period of time. Sparkline are mini charts that you can place in single cells. You can use line charts, column charts or win-loss charts to depict trends based on your data

Excel camera once you create charts, you need to place the in your dashboard. If you want to make your dashboard dynamic, with the data getting refreshed each time the source data changes, which happens in most dashboards you would like to provide an interface between the charts in your dashboard and data at back end all this can be achieved by excel camera

Excel pivot tables-when you have large data sets and you would like to summarize the results dynamically showing various facet of the analysis results, excel pivot tables come in handy to include in your dashboard.

Excel tables-the most important component in any dashboard is its data. The data can form a single source of multiple sources. The data might be limited or might span several rows. Excel tables are well suited to get the data into the workbook, in which you want to create the dashboard.


Excel & power dashboard design tools and concepts

House hunters

The application allows the user to switch between several different properties. When the user moves to the next property a new property is shown. In all your dealings with only three properties, but you can extend the underlying functionality to more complex dashboards and excel application. The following are the three method to be considered in this section

  • A purely VBA method: This method largely relies on coding.
  • The semi VBA method: This method uses some spreadsheet functionality in conjunction with code
  • The no-code method: This method uses no code at all but instead relies solely on formulas and features



There are occasion where you may need to pull from a sorted list whose values are subject to change at any given moment. Given moment. The problem is that you need to be able to change any of these values but require that the list automatically sort each value upon change.

The rollover method on excel dashboards

It was the first to be discovered and written about mechanism that serves for the basis of the rollover method. It allows for what had been previously though impossible in excel: the ability to run macro code upon mouse rolling over a cell.

The element of good excel and power dashboard

In this chapter  thehomeworkwriters.com will discuss what makes for good dashboard and what it even mean by term the following are those elements:

  1. Simplified layout- a good dashboard in excel has a good layout and back end design. A complicated screen makes it hard to connect what’s in view and what has been filtered. Simplified layout should present all information in one view, without scrolling and use only one tab to present information
  2. Hiding unused rows and columns- you can prevent users from scrolling off into great unknown by hiding the unused portion of your spreadsheet
  3. Information-transformation-presentation-A good dashboard and decision support system use a concept called information-transformation presentation (ITP). This is a common design type similar to n-tier design in the field of business intelligence.

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