Evaluating LinkedIn Profiles: Working in your group, look at six profiles on LinkedIn. You could use those of your classmates, family members, or local business people. Which one has the best résumé? Why? How do the profiles and résumés differ? Which one has the best recommendations? Why? Overall, which one has the best profile? Why? Discuss your conclusions in a memo to your teacher via a Word document. As a group, submit one write-up, consisting of three pages. Page 1 – The final write-up. Page 2 – Your references should be cited in APA format. Page 3 – In table format, include what each person submitted to the group individually. List each person alphabetically by last name. You may use Google Docs to organize your group’s work. Now for this assignment I want you guys to search for local businesspeople. View Less >>
The following report will analyze the essential qualities and potential of the business resume and how does the same differ from a profile. It is important to understand that a profile is not the same as that of a resume. A profile is static and contains the factual information abut a candidates’ background in education and other qualitative factors about the individual’s profile. While a resume is said to be static and embodies all the information about the candidate’s professional Get solution

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