EVALUATE THE FOLLOWING CAMPAIGN: Inspired by Iceland In 2010, Iceland experienced the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Coupled with the effects of the global economic crisis, the disaster threatened to cripple Iceland’s tourism industry. In order to boost tourism numbers, the Icelandic government and individual corporations in the country’s tourism sector banded together to produce an innovative, holistic tourism campaign named Inspired by Iceland. The campaign’s first mission was to produce positive images of Iceland to combat the swarm of negative publicity centered on the nation’s natural disaster. The tourism industry, in cooperation with the London-based public relations firm the Brooklyn Brothers, encouraged people who had visited Iceland to post comments, images, and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo about their positive experiences. In addition, they created a dedicated Inspired by Iceland website that housed live streams of popular tourist destinations, a live web concert, and videos of famous denizens of Iceland. During the winter season, when tourist numbers were low, the campaign added an additional component entitled Honorary Icelander. As part of this seasonal initiative, Icelanders, including the president, were encouraged to invite foreign visitors to their homes and many of these interactions were filmed and posted on YouTube. The campaign was a success and generated approximately £138.7 in tourism-related revenue, with 22.5 million stories shared via the internet. Assignment: -Provide your own strategic recommendations – as if this organization is your client -Provide 5 more ideas the organization could have done more… -Mention how this campaign as done well, here’s how it was done poorly, here’s 5 things I would add… -Your strategic creative ideas on what more this organization could do in the future…those ideas must be informed by cultural differences. -Essay should be 8 pages long in Word. APA style citations…Use owl apa guide -Do not write the essay describing the campaign…Only one paragraph listing the facts in the opening and the rest of it is analysis. Evaluating whether it worked. -Use Google scholar for case studies on client. -PR daily, PR tactics, and outlets may have published evaluations and make reference to them. View Less >>
Introduction: The country Iceland comprised of population around 3, 00,000 lakhs and occupies area of more than 1, 00,000 km2 .The country belongs to European continent and population is sparsely distributed among the Nordic countries. The country represents a small Island on world map that is present in between Arctic and North Atlantic oceans. Get solution

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