Select one type of the research methods (qualitative, quantitative,new product/technology)- Select one of the existing research articles which applied the selected research method- If the article was not one of the focused reading article in the assignment 1, a focused reading needs to be conducted for it; otherwise, it needs to be improved according to the review of the first assignment.- The focused reading of the article shall be included here, with answers to the following questions o What did the authors do (key contributions) o Why did the authors conduct the research (existing problems) o What are the key differences in the method/approach (innovation) o What are main achievements, significance o What can be further improved o Research problem identified (to be reflected in the proposed research) Conduct a literature review on whether other research has applied chatbots to address thesame problem. Provide a summary overview on what related works have been done andwhat has not been done. The related work shall be included in the reference and citedhere, according to a selected citation/reference style. View Less >>
Ethics can be identified as the moral philosophy. With the help of ethics the people as well as the companies can effectively maintain their moral in their activities. Cloud computing ethics is an effective part of modern business process. In this case the companies can be helpful to handle their performance properly. On the other hand, it can be seen that the companies prefer to provide proper services to their customers and maintain the privacy of their customers. The cloud computing helps the companies to maintain their business ethically, this can be helpful for the companies to maintain their ethics as well. In terms of conducting the study the research has been done. Proper research can be helpful to develop the detail idea regarding ethics in cloud computing. This will be helpful for the companies to help the customers in a positive way. Get solution

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