The purpose of the assignment is to show your understanding of current issues in aged care. this involves critically analysing residential aged care services in australia. details: in this assignment task you are required to write an essay on the following topic: the growing ageing population in australia has led to an increased need for community aged services. to ensure that older people are getting the services they need, aged care community services have been reformed to use a consumer directed care model. in this assessment task you are required to write an analytical paper that: 1.critiques consumer directed care 2. critically discuss consumer directed care. your discussion should include political and ethical positions. In this paper you should include 1. a discussion of what consumer directed care is. your discussion should include political and ethical positions. 2. a discussion and critique of the issues in providing consumer directed care for consumers and care providers. 3. your paper must include references to the literature. 4. you can use headings in an analytical paper. View Less >>
Introduction As the person grown in age, their demands for care increases too. It is now important to understand that the old people after a certain age are unable to take care of themselves and need constant care and attention. This creates problems for them, as well as the people, who are associated to them in some way or the other as the people are sometime not ableto take care of them well and end up considering them as liabilities on them.T these old people, are then often left alone at this juncture of life, all helpless and needy. These issues can be attributed to the lack of culture and sensitivity of people towards theirailing parents or relationships, without often understanding that they too may face similarconsequences in their lives at a certain point of time. The lack of insensitivity is simplyincreasing every day, and so I the urgency for the care to be provided to these people. Inthis situation, the community aided services are often looked up-to as the only way outfrom it. In this report, we will aim to understand the needs of the old and ailing people and ifcommunity aged service is a dream which can be realised anytime soon. We will also aim tounderstand its dynamics, and how it can contribute in bringing a cultured and well neededchange to the society of Australia. Get solution

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