Describe the responsibilities of the New Zealand Registered Nurse in relation to the Health Information Privacy code. Discuss Rule 1 ‘purpose of collection of health information’ & Rule 5 ‘storages and security of health information’ in relation to the registered nurse’s role. View Less >>
Introduction  Health and Safety for any individual is the requirement of every healthcare service provider. While nurses and doctors work day and night to ensure that they deliver such services, often certain things fall out of the paradigm of the healthcare professionals and are completely taken care by the law of the country. EssayIn New Zealand, certain things are taken very seriously, especially when it comes to health care and quality medical services. All healthcare professionals have certain compliances and laws to follow to ensure they do not provide any discomfort to the student at all. Along with these standards, comes the privacy of the patient. Irrespective of the social and economic status of the patient in New Zealand, all the healthcare professionals are required to maintain strictly confidential records for them, not to be shared with anyone under any circumstances (Naylor, 2010). Privacy is a matter for concern for any and every individual and nobody get’s the right to breach it for either their convenience or their irresponsibility. In order to avoid either of it from happening, the government of New Zealand has thus, come up with legislation which takes care of this in detail and assures the citizens that their privacy will not be taken for granted. This the government has done by introducing the Health Information Privacy code of 1994, under the section 53 of the privacy act. This code is the major instrument guaranteeing all the patients their privacy irrespective of their social or economic status (Mercuzi, 2018) Get solution

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