The student will choose any article they wish to critique as long as it pertains to Organizational Change. Please select an article that deals with trends in organizational change or ways organizations are staying current and keeping a competitive advantage while in a change process. The article should come from a journal such as the Journal of Management, Journal of Business Research, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Personnel Administrator, Personnel Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and/or any other reliable source. Please submit the article in accordance to the calendar. The Amberton University online library is an excellent source for retrieving this article assignment. Students will complete the article in accordance to the template at the bottom of this syllabus. The student will also use two additional (outside) sources in validating their discussion. The paper will include a cover page, reference page, and the information that is defined in the article template. This must be in APA format. The Article Template is as follows:FrameworkProvide a general overview or background for the article.Explanation of the IssuesExplain the major issues of the articleEvidenceIdentify pertinent information in investigating a point of view or conclusion Influence of Context and AssumptionsWhat are the assumptions being made?Student’s PositionWhat is your hypothesis or thesis of the article? Conclusions and Related Outcomes Based on the above criteria, what is your conclusion (implications and consequences?) ReferenceDoe, John (2010), Evaluating the importance of comparative advantage. Wall Street Journal, View Less >>
FrameworkThe article “Professional discourses and resistance to change” is basically based on the investigation that how resistance to change can be met with the presence of consequential differences in the  Explanation of the IssuesBefore acknowledging one’s self with the issues related to the article, the objective of the article is mainly to bring changes to the programs such that they can effect  Get solution

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