This assessment asks you to put forward a detailed action plan for change regarding a specific policy challenge that you have identified. The idea of this assignment is not only to put forward ideas for actual policy change but also about the pathway to that change. This plan should demonstrate your knowledge of ideas about policy cycles, ‘problem making’, agenda setting, the use of language and rhetoric, and how various sectors of the community become involved in policy change.This is also a good opportunity to present information about the particular context in which this policy change is sought, including whether the change is within Australia or in another country, what particular contextual needs should be considered and whether policy change is more relevant to local authorities or more national bodies.We will spend time during the semester considering how best to tackle the tasks described above. View Less >>
Introduction Bhutan is one of the small countries, nestled within the Eastern Himalayas in between India and China, which is known for its unique heritage in the modern age. In the relative isolation of the competitive edge of the market, accompanying continuous economic development, the gender equality gaps have been reduced in Bhutan, which has, in turn, increased the women empowerment in the country. Through enlightening this view, the current study sheds light on the gender equality policies for the empowerment of young women in Bhutan region. In this regard, challenges, responses, context and usage of languages in policy and policy changes are also reformed through this study for developing the policy change action plan. Get solution

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