You are to conduct research into emerging security technologies, and to report on your findings. Report Format: 10 15 pages, 5000 8000 words. Your report should contain: heading, table of content, introduction, report body, summary, conclusions, references. Report Content: Research two technologies/products and contrast in one of the following areas: 1. NG Firewalls 2. NG SIEM 3. Virtualisation and SDN You need to justify your selection of each of the two technologies you have chosen. You are required to compare your selected technologies on the following criteria: 1. Cost 2. Functionality (implementation, security, management) 3. Regulatory compliance 4. Scalability 5. Degree of customisation available 6. Compliance with common standards 7. Ease of integration with existing systems View Less >>
Internal and external security in the age of the World Wide Web is a major concern to anyone with a network of Web presence. In order to keep things secure, most corporate networks use firewall protection. However, choosing, deploying and maintaining the right firewall for a particular network are difficult tasks, since there are many products in the market. Firewalls are among the newest developments in Internet technology. Developed from rudimentary security systems that major computers vendors developed to secure their own networks in the mid eighties, these network sentinels have developed in lock-step with the burgeoning threat of information warfare. The security problem of the past could be easily solved with simple packet filters and dial back modem banks. The security problems of the future will require riffling through and validating every byte of an Internet message, requiring encrypted certification of a Web site true identity before connecting, and then encrypting nearly everything that travels between. Fortunately, as technology and technological society it mirrors progress, these measures will become simple and invisible. As vendors make operating systems more hardened against attack, the World Wide Web will secretly grow more secure for people who will freely surf the Web as they please, hampered only by the occasionally warning that a site is not accredited or that a message contains suspicious content. This is as it should be. Get solution

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