For each stakeholder below, list at least 2 initiatives for each stakeholder. How you could generate ideas, support, and involvement about sustainability at a service including the important issue of waste disposal. 1)Management 2)Staff 3)Children 4)Families 5)Community Create a Sustainability Management Plan for your service. You must have a minimum of three goals, and related actions, add more if you can. Include opportunities to consult with all stakeholders at your service, including staff, children, families, and community. How are you going to implement your Sustainability Management Plan with all the stakeholders at your services? List at least two points for each stakeholder. View Less >>
Management of the service organization plays a vital role in supporting the sustainability program and therefore, it is mandatory for the management of the company to get involved in the sustainabilityprogram to deal with the issue of waste disposal (Omer, 2017). The first and foremost way to involve management in the process is by thinking of management’s interest and communicating the fact that what is in for them. To generate ideas for waste disposal, meetings can be organized with the management. Here, communicating the need and benefit of sustainability initiatives needs to be the core purpose of the meetings. Get solution

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